Wednesday, August 17, 2011

5 Ways to Cure Acne Treatment

Acne is a problem that is out of the understanding of many people. The question that has been very popular amongst doctors and dermatologists is that why some people are more affected with acne than others. Acne is formed when a pore in the skin collapses, what actually happens is that it clogs the escape route of sulbum.

Hormones are mostly blamed for acne but there are many reasons why acne happens. Vitamin deficiency and unhealthy diets are also major causes of acne. Listed below you will find 5 effective ways of acne treatment and how you can prevent it from coming back.

1. Eat Healthy- Adopt the healthier life style and avoid eating junk food and stuff that contains a lot of oil. Oily diets are known to be a major factor of acne. Eat a healthy and a balanced diet in order to successfully get an acne treatment. An organic method of acne treatment is to use onions and garlic and also drink lots of water in order to rehydrate your skin.

2. Take your vitamins- Parallel to your healthy diet and drinking lots of water, there are multiple vitamins and nutritious supplements that you can take that will also help you in beating acne. The most important vitamins of them all are Vitamin A, C and E and if you combine them with zincorotate, you will surely get positive results.

3. Be careful- Be careful about the products you use on your skin. If you already have the problem of acne, then this is an important fact that you should keep in mind. Only use specific cleansers and moisturizers on your skin. Select a mild cleanser and use it twice a day to the acne affected areas of your skin for acne treatment. There are many medicated cleansers available in the market for acne treatment specifically.

4. Selected Products- Do not use every type of soap, shampoo, perfume or moisturizer on your skin, the skin reacts aggressively to the products that are not suited for the skin type. Find the products that suit your skin type and use them on occasions, not too often.

5. No picking- As disgusting as it seems, do not pick at your acne, zits or pimples and never squeeze them. This will only get in the way of your acne treatment and your skin will become very welcoming of various infections and will leave scars.

Acne is more common now than ever, mostly because of the eating habits that we have developed for ourselves and our lifestyle does not have a place for any type of physical activity. With no exercise and greasy foods all around us, acne is bound to happen and if we do not change our lifestyle, no acne treatment will be affective. You can cure acne but preventing it is better.


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