Thursday, July 21, 2011

How to Remove Blackheads From Nose

Blackheads are tiny black spots that are visible from a distance on your skin. Mostly they occur on your nose. When there is a lot of secretion of sebum from the sebaceous glands of your nose the excessive oil may have some dirt or dry skin settling along with it into your pores. These are seen as slightly dark colored and oily on your nose. If the nose is not washed at this point to time to relieve the open pores of this dirty oil, they harden and become blackheads. Sometimes along with bacteria they form open infections called whiteheads. There are many ways to remove blackheads from nose however nothing is better than precaution. Hence now that you know how blackheads are formed, you can also formulate a method to be able to remove blackheads from your nose at all times.

How to remove blackheads from nose?

Medication can help to remove blackheads from nose. The process is very simple. Firstly one needs to use a mild bubbling soap to wash your face and remove all dirt and grime that gets accumulated on the top. Then a toner need to be used to keep the skin moisturized at all times and help the skin creams to retain the moisture of the skin inside and then finishing off with using a cream to moisturize. This daily skin regime needs to be followed to clear blackheads. Thereafter smear a thin film of benzoyl peroxide cream over the blackheads. There are medicated strips that are available in the market which are in the shape of your nose bridge. Apply one of these strips on your nose after application of the medicine. Pulling off the strip can help to remove blackheads from nose completely. Application of the benzoyl peroxide for until a few more days can help to clear blackheads and also delay their formation for sometime.

How to remove blackheads naturally?

The natural process to clear blackheads from nose is a more difficult process and it requires time and energy. Since the blackheads are hardened oil and grime that have settled into your open pores, it is difficult to squeeze them out without softening them. For this one olive oil mixed with castor oil and some dry oatmeal needs to be soaked overnight in milk and put on the nose for a couple of nights. This allows the blackheads to soften and completely remove blackheads naturally. A Comedo extractor that is available with any pharmacist with a hole at one end. How to remove blackheads from nose using an extractor? After cleaning the surface of the nose with a cotton ball and some toner, place individual blackheads in between the hole of the extractor and gently press it on the nose. The blackhead will get squeezed out of the hole from the pore. Then wipe the skin with the cotton ball to avoid any further bacterial infection. The method is perfect to remove blackheads naturally from your nose.

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